Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My BIG Girl

My BIG Girl!!

     Ready for her big day! She was sooo excited and since she was excited so was her little sister & brother! She looked like a little princess! She is the most outgoing social little person I know and its really rather funny because I'm a little more introverted and her daddy REALLY is so not real sure where she gets it LOL but she talks to everyone everywhere we go! I think its a good does make me nervous at times because not all people are good and she doesn't realize that yet so we have had a lot of those don't talk to strangers when mommy or daddy isn't around talks but I hate to totally discourage her from talking to people because shes so friendly and that is a good trait!

     Her sister was EXCITED and ready to go see her sissy! Can you see her lip...they were chasing each other and she fell on the tile and busted running in the house please and it never fails that something like this happens before an event or picture day :) This is my quiet one, and very shy, they are night & day in every way imaginable!

     And my little buddy that does not like the camera its insanely hard trying to get a picture of him! These are My M&Ms; Madison Brooke, Miranda Grace & Miles Preston...they keep me busy! And now that Madison is out of school for the summer its going to be even busier!

      After graduation we took her out to eat and to Books a Million and let her pick out a few books and then ice cream (which was her favorite part) its not often we get to spend time with just her so it was a nice treat and she was worn out by the time we made it home!! We got home and she played until she just fell out...her sister has her own bed which is right next to hers but this is how they fell asleep, so so sweet and they don't get along like this everyday so it was definitely a Kodak kind of moment! So that was my day...a happy but a little sad because of the realization that shes not my baby anymore but my BIG girl :)(:!

    Not to much about appliqueing in this one..:( I do have some new designs coming soon ! I promise!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


    Wow this has been a day! What can you do, other than laught it off!!!.....So my daughter will be graduating kindergarten in just a day...again it seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital but then on the other hand it does not :) I'm not sure if I can really say that the past 5 years just flew by especially since I have 2 other little ones...some days alone feel like a century! Don't get me wrong I love being at home with my kids but realistically its not all gumdrops & rainbow filled days it is by far the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had, but there are those days that I would like to go get a job outside of the house just to get a break :))))))))

     On another note I am still working on a few more designs, listed the Alabama Princess one late yesterday....yes I was born & raised in Alabama so this design is for all the locals :) again kind of my daughters idea, we were looking at a globe and she wanted to know where we were and after I showed her I drew the state on paper for her to see (& color) and she suggested "making one for her shirt" LOL I made her a Bama girl shirt last year during football season that was really cute but I can't sell any of those designs because of the trademark issues so I thought this was a really good idea....and of course she wanted me to add the crown, she loves anything with dazzle or bling! If anyone has a request for their state I would be glad to do it just let me know!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Vinyl Design tutorial

    This would be just a little bit cooler if it said; Peace, Love & Embroidery :)

      Hello Ladies! I have a new design I have been working on, my first vinyl design and I think it turned out pretty awesome...or Groovy I should say :)!

My daughter LOVES it...and for those of you are new to this you don't have to add the vinyl if you don't like it, its just an added outline stitch before the satin stitch so you can choose to leave it off if you prefer, but the kids love it and I think it adds something extra!!
Here is the stitch map and I will show you what I did...

I skipped Step 1 & 2 because I was using the blue shirt as the background of the lava lamp but if you want a background then you'll need to do Step 1 & 2 which is the outline & tack down stitch. When you finish Step 7 add your piece of vinyl then complete Step 8, then cut around tackdown of vinyl. Then complete Steps 9 & 10. if you don't want the vinyl just skip Step 8 :) It's easy & fun! (Font not included) I should have this design up by the end of the weekend...Hopefully! Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


     So...I was able to get 9 designs listed today so I feel sooo accomplished :) It's only Wednesday and I have met my goal for the week so I'm excited its not often I even get close to reaching my goal. Something always comes up with the kids or somewhere somehow its always something so when its not I'm beyond enjoyed & in disbelief ! What to do with extra time???? I think I can manage to think of something :) I'm not sure there is actually real existence of free time (not when you have children anyway LOL)! I have 6 more designs that need to be test stitched. Which hopefully I will get to them soon. My 2 year old is having some test done at the hospital tomorrow and after that I'm going to try to make a fabric run, being on such a tight schedule makes it really hard shopping for fabric because I could spend hours picking fabrics out... I have some neat ideas I wanna  try so I need to get to a fabric store! Also preparing for my daughters kindergarten graduation we are excited!!! Time flies...we'll its either flying or dragging I guess it depends on the moment, unfortunately the moments we usually  would rather fly are the ones that last forever while the ones you would love to hold onto forever are just a wink of the eye! That's life right??? I think I have more of the time flies kinda of moments.  :)) My only complaint is that there needs to be  more hours in a day and I think lots of people agree with me on that one.......sometimes I would like to just slow down and  breathe.......and then I would probably be so off track  I wouldn't know what to do hehe!                                                       

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Raggedy Applique Tutorial

      I have had a couple of request on how to get that raggedy look with a design and I have several new designs that I'm working on that are raggedy so I hope this will help! I have a few pictures & steps on how to get that frayed raggedy look on an applique. I'm going to use my new Raggedy Star design (which will be listed soon) and it turns out really cute!! I started years ago doing this...even if an applique I was using wasn't meant to be a raggedy design I would just not stitch the satin stitch and use this same technique and its easy and turns out every time!


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