Monday, August 20, 2012

Party is done!

     Good Morning!! I know its been awhile :( I'm gonna start this post with  famous words from Walt Disney...

     My girls birthday party was yesterday, I think that may be the very last party I have at my house LOL I think it was a success and I know they had fun so that's what counted! Everything Minnie had to be!!! I will start off with my applique news :) I have several new designs and 6 new Halloween feltie designs that will be listed this week, and I will have them 50% off the first couple of days after I list them! I was thinking about adding a tutorial on the feltie designs although I have one included in the zipped file when you purchase from me so I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll do that. If anyone wants a tutorial let me know and I will post one!
Now just a few pictures from the party!
      After making these bows my Mom asked why didn't I have an "M" in the middle of the Mouse head......I didn't even think about it but I wish I had...that would have been adorable! It must not have been on my list haha YES I'm one of those types I have a list for everything if I didn't I cant imagine how chaotic everything would be :)

     These shirts I think turned out adorable BUT it wasn't easy trying to convince my 6 year old that the shirt needed to be green instead of pink...she wanted pink (her favorite color) but I knew the Mouse's dress wouldn't show up well on pink and the party theme colors were green & pink soo...she never actually agreed but when I got finished she liked it .

      I wanted to do it all myself...not sure what I was thinking at that moment! Third time ever I have made cake/cupcakes and buttercream icing but it was the very first time I made it and needed more that one color, they were very cute and tasted good too but baking is not my talent not even a little bit, my 3 kids were running around overly excited about the party so that made it much harder BUT I do much better in my sewing room than in the kitchen (my husband is a great cook!) Thank goodness :)
      Not a good pose but the best I could get because I called them in there from playing and they did not want to stop what they were doing (I'm always with a camera too so they get a bit tired of it)

     just more decorations...
    My babies opening their presents :)

     Okay so I don't bore you with all my party pictures I will stop there!

Here are a few of the recipes I used (from Pinterest)

                 I'm not even sure what these are called other than Hershey Kiss treats !

      It really doesn't get any easier than that! So for a fast & cute treat this is the way to go! and then I did the white chocolate covered Marshmallows, almost as easy (they took a few minutes longer (20 min total) but still VERY easy and like I said I'm, not a cook so if I say its easy you should believe it!

Ta cute and a big hit!

       So I have been very busy lately preparing for the Madison's first day of school, the birthday party and working on new designs so now that I'm one less child at home today and the party is over I have plenty of time to play catch up!! I am off to do some test stitching.
Someone asked me to add a pin it button to my post...after some ((LOTS)) of  research I finally figured out how to add it so there is a pin it button at the bottom of my post!
And so to end the same way I began with another one of Walt's Quotes....I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.