Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching up

     I know its been a little while since I have little guy just got tubes in his ears (now they all have tubes) and my 5 yr old now has a sinus infection :( she seems to stay sick we are thinking its the refulx, she has had really bad reflux since she was born but was taken off her medicine when she was 4 which is when her ear infections started now she has had tubes put in twice and after seeing several doctors this last one asked about her reflux becuse I told them how she coughs at night. He said reflux can cause all of happy to finally know so it can be fixed but it should have been caught before now, I have told numerous doctors about her coughing...and they would always say its probably just allergies. Anyway we are very happy that she is finally feeling better and my little man is doing great since his surgery!
     I have a few new designs that I have been working on (not near as many as I would like but everything is on hold when my babies are sick) Hopefully I will have them test stitched by the end of the weekend and listed if at all possible (thank goodness the hubby is home tomorrow so that may be possible)

     It's now Monday LOL Yes I have now been writing on this for several days...I finally have a few new designs listed I actually had them finished yesterday but I could not get all my photos done so I was able to get that finished this morning! I have some really good ideas for some designs but I'm not sure what you would rather, I personally like simple, especially if it's something I am going to offer on custom work that I might have to do over &over but if its somnething for my children then I dont mind it taking a little longer so I would like to hear from you and let me know what you would like...whats to many steps...3, 4, 5 or...fabric panels??? The unicorn for example that I just listed which my daughter helped me with the creative part, it has 8 fabric panels, which is a lot but it turns out sooo cute it was totally worth the extra work. It only took me about 30 minutes to stitch. ( I do have a 6 needle machine so I know that lessens my time)

Click here for the link to this design.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How much longer???

    Day 5 of recovery from having my tonsils removed and it still feels like it was yesterday. I was told that the risk between a child and adult having this surgery was the same the difference is the recovery time and the pain....(I guess I wasn't really listening when my Doc said this...).the pain got worse by day 3 and has increased a little each day since so hopefully any day now it will be on the mend! I have always considered myself to have a high tolerance to pain but this has definitely been pretty painful and I have taken more pain medicine than I have ever taken in my life. I have to say the hardest part is not eating what I would like, I have never really been a soup type of person so I'm having a hard time with that!! Okay I know I need some cheese with all this wining I'm doing :) Good News is that because of the meds I cant sleep good so I'm spending some extra time at night when the babies are sleeping working on some designs! I am looking for any suggestions right now for designs, tutorials, anything..I would love to hear from you so if there is a design you are looking for  LET ME KNOW!! I want to do some boy designs..its always harder finding boy stuff, clothes, toys, designs...anything its just limited when it comes to boy stuff so any ideas in that area let me's a pic of a little guy I'm working on now...
My little boy loves dinos so this one is for him! Oh yeah and one last thing... I have set up a news letter link (finally) on my web page so be sure to sign up for it..I will only be sending one letter a month so you wont be bogged down with emails from me but each letter will have something exciting in it, a coupon code, a free design (a design that wont be free on my page only for my newsletter members) so there will be benefits to signing up! I hope everyone has a GREAT week, a GOOD Friday and a HAPPY Easter!