Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple applique with bow tutorial

This is just going to be a short post on doing a simple applique with a bow.

To begin you will need all of your supplies :
~Embroidery machine
~A way to transfer the design to your machine
~Shirt (or item to be appliqued)
~Applique material
~Stabilizers  in this case I'm appliqueing a shirt so I will use a tear away (iron on tear away) and a cut away
~Comfort Cover (goes on the back of the applique so keep your little one from being itchy :)
~Heat N Bond lite  (for your applique material (make sure you use lite and not the ultra!)

     So here we go, I am not going to give instructions on how to find the center of your shirt because I do not do it the proper way, I usually just eye it or fold the shirt in half and iron a crease which I know is not the way should probably do it but I have always had great luck with this way so it works for me :) So once you have your shirt or whatever it is you are applique centered you apply (iron on ) your iron on tear away ( I use Sulky ) I have tried others but I always seem to go back to this brand just my preference.

Then I hoop my shirt and the cut away together. The cut away that I use is just commercial I buy it in bulk so it last longer!

I'm going to use my Baby Deer applique because I have added the tack down for the bow but it will be the last step so if you don't want a bow just skip that step!Then stitch out the guideline stitch. If the applique has more than several pieces of materials or thread changes then you may want to use your stitch map to guide you through the steps. This is a simple one piece of material applique so I don't think the stitch map is neccessary. 

Now lay down your material and stitch the tack down stitch. After you tack down your material then trim around your stitch.

Finish the next steps and stop after you stitch the guideline stitch.  The GREAT part about this is if you don't want a bow then just stop before the guideline stitch and your done! 

Here you need to center your bow, sometimes I will make my own but I was completely out of pink ribbon (can you imagine) so I'm using a pre made bow that I had (these you can get from Hobby Lobby I think 3 come in a pack. You will need to center it over your guideline stitch and I use tape on both sides (just regular scotch tape) to secure the bow until the tack down is stitched.

Now you are ready to stitch the last stitch which is a triple stitch to really secure it (I'm sure you know this but just in case, it's good to match your thread color to your bow :)) Then remove your tape!

Now turn your shirt inside out and tear away the tear away stabilizer and trim the cut away stabilizer closely around the applique (be careful not to cut your shirt) and iron back of applique to set the heat N bond

Iron on your comfort cover this makes the inside of the shirt soft and comfy for your little one!

You are done!! Any questions or comments just ask or email me !

Here it is without the bow :)

Click here for a link to this design.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Football with tutu tutorial

      First you will need the basics, your machine, a way to transfer the design to your machine, embroidery thread & stabilizer, oh and scissors.:)
Material for the design, football and bow material, either ric rac or a scrunchie ribbon (a straight ribbon does not work very well here because of the curve) tape, tulle for the tutu

I did the 5x7 (designs comes in 4x4, 5x7 , 7x5 & 6x10) and notice the pink ribbon from the picture above...I decided to go with a ric rac instead :)  
Step 1~ Stitch out the football (guideline, tackdown stitches) 

Step 2~ Stop at the the guideline for the tulle (step 6 on the stitch map)

Step 3~ Tape down the tulle and make sure you are completely covering the guideline stitch...I layered my tulle, 3 layers but I think even thicker would probably be cuter!

Step 4~ Stitch the tack down for the tulle and trim

Step 5 ~

 Don't walk away during this step!