Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of School

First day of school

     SO this has been bittersweet and now I only have my little Buddy at home with me but he's a handful & he is stuck to me every sec. :) It's nearly impossible to get anything done during the day...

All of us minus Daddy which is holding the camera (hence the blurry picture :)

    They got to start gymnastics about a month ago and as soon as they walk in the door from school everyday they are standing on their heads :) they love it, makes me nervous though!!

     To back up just a little here's a few pictures from the summer, my husband decided to start a garden after hearing about all the genetically engineered food and we already have to watch what we buy because Madison is sensitive to dyes, anything (which is more than you may realize) that has red dye in it I try to keep out of her diet it makes her have horrible mood swings, she goes between hyper to angry its crazy and after I realized it was the dye doing it and I researched it it's just crazy to me how these dyes can actually affect the chemicals in your brain and their so not necessary but anyway so he has worked hard keeping his garden up and its done great! 

He used the kids to keep track of how much the corn had grown :)

My flower children  

The Diva


The Princess


     My little Buddy, always a mess....talking about hand me downs that shirt he has on was mine and has now been through all three of them :)          
(picture on the right) This was at his MeMe's after going to Krispy Kreme (just what he needed)

Ready for Saturday night church...its rare to get Miles smiling on camera!!

   This is just too sweet, they don't always get along and usually big sissy doesn't like Bubba to play with them because "he's just too little" and they can never agree on a movie so he usually stays with me in the evening but this night they all agreed on a movie and fell asleep together.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello again

      So I know it's been a minute since I have posted anything new (busy summer) so I'm going to give a little update along with a tutorial on felties, all my feltie designs come with a PDF file that has basic instructions with pictures but I thought this may be informational for someone who may want to know what all is involved before they make a purchase. I will tell you they are easy and can be used for soooo many things, not just hair clips or bow centers but scrap booking, anything you can think of, we made a few to go on one of my daughters school projects and since they are so quick and easy it makes it that much more inviting!!I'm loving in the hoop projects!!! Things my children can play with (my latest designs are in the hoop felt play food sets) they absolutely love them which is great because not only am I saving money :) but I love home made items and I would like to pass that on to them!

I'm going to share the Lollipop feltie instructions because that is one that has several steps.

Lollipop feltie Instructions
You will need the following supplies:

         1.     Embroidery machine and ability to transfer design
         2.     Felt
         3.     Embroidery thread
         4.     Stabilizer (tear away)
         5.     Sticky spray adhesive

(Use your stitch map included with each design for thread & color guide)

 Scotch tape will also work just as well!!

Click here for the link to this design.

      SO it really can't get much easier, if you have mastered the art of appliqueing then this will be a breeze, the only problem I ever have is remembering to add the backing before the last stitch but after you do a few then it will stick !

Here's a little sneak peek of a couple of the new designs, they will be released tomorrow (12 total)

                          Click here for the link to this design.
Click here for the link to this design.

                          Click here for the link to this design.