Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the Hoop door hanger tutorial

     Hello again! I know its been a couple of months but I've been super busy! After this tutorial on the door hanger I'll share a few pictures of what I've been up too :) 

In the Hoop door hanger Instructions
You will need the following supplies:
  ~ Embroidery machine and ability to transfer design
  ~ Material for the background of the door hanger & a small piece of  material for the applique part of the santa hat
  Embroidery thread
  ~ Stabilizer (Med. tear away) 
  ~ Sticky spray adhesive or tape
  ~ Something for the back of the sign, I used a piece of foam (you can purchase at Walmart in the craft section) or felt, anything you would like as long as its a little stiff 
(Use your stitch map (included with each design for thread & color guide)

Click here for the link to this design.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

I also just added a couple of in the hoop Christmas ornaments and they are super easy to do!

Click here for a link to these designs.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Everything but Embroidery

    I think the last time I wrote it was the beginning of the school year. My Miranda started Pre-school this year and I'm still adjusting to all the school activities with 2 kids (thank goodness they go to the same school!) Not sure I will adjust when I have 3 going :) Miranda was more than excited to be going she has wanted to go to school since her sister started last year! She wanted all of her supplies to be lollipop themed, the napmat & back pack. She choose the everything, colors, font & I think it turned out really cute!

    These are my M&Ms; Madison (7), Miles (2) & Miranda (4), Madison didn't make it in the picture because she was still getting ready but Miles gets ready every morning and even though he's not in school he has to have a lunch packed in his book bag. 

   And in just a blink it Halloween night already..where does the time go....
    Halloween Night (this is not my favorite holiday I use to like it but with 3 kids getting hyped up on candy for about 3 hrs in a costume that in my opinion cost entirely too much to get only 3 hrs out of, this night is a lot of work) my kids don't get a lot of candy so Halloween to them is almost like Christmas! My two little witches and My little Indian, the costume Miles is wearing is over 45 years old, it was my brothers when he was about that age and then it was passed to me and I wore it at that age, that's some hand me down right there :)


      Miranda's class had the first two field trips, first one was to the Pumpkin Patch.

    The next one was to the Seward farms which is a great place, they have a corn maze and several activities for the kids but unfortunately Madison's filed trip was here as well so it wasn't as exciting for me the second time :) but she enjoyed it so all smiles here! By the time miles gets here I will have been to these places multiple times so I think next year Daddy is going to go on a few :)

And then of course the Fall Festival....
We were just getting there and I had to take a picture of this..this is one of those moments, you know the ones ones of those that makes you forget about all of the other ones. And I got it on camera now I can prove one day that they have actually got along for more than just a few seconds :))

    It was very hot that day but they had a blast so it was worth the heat! It took Miles about 30 minutes to warm up to the idea of getting on the slide and it wasn't the slide he feared its people he is VERY shy but once he tried it we'll lets just say he wasn't happy when we finally had to go!

Then the fair.... and yes this was a very long day but we were all excited, it was Miles first time and he loved it! By the end of the day they were tired and cranky so they slept great!

And this pretty much sums up what we have been up to it has been busy but I wouldn't want it any other way, we'll maybe I think i might add a couple of hours to the day but that would be it! Miles will turn three in just two weeks so I need to get busy planning a party! Oh and Madison made the honor roll so we are very proud of her!