Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Love Ninja Tutorial

     This is just a few tips to help you with this little guy! I'm not going to start with the VERY first step as in getting your materials and such because I have already done that on another tutorial on appliqueing so Step 1 here will begin with the guideline        

STEP 1: stitch guideline :) 

Step 2:  Lay your material over your guideline stitch

Step 3: stitch tack down....the tack down stitch will also stitch the "guideline" for the face in this step, I have combined these two steps for 2 reasons; one because it eliminates an unnecessary step  and 2 because I don't like to layer materials if I don't have to, especially when the bottom layer is darker than the top and will show through. This black material would definitely show through this peach material so it should not be layered!

Step 4: After the tack down you trim the material and trim the inside of the face out (be careful doing this because you can very easily cut through your shirt or whatever it is your appliqueing!   NOTICE how messy mine looks this is because I am out of Heat N Bond lite so my material doesn't have any and this is why its fraying so badly!

Step 5: Lay fabric for the face and stitch

Step 6: trim   (((IMPORTANT TIP)) when stitching a vintage stitch or anything that is not thick like a satin stitch its always good to do the tack down in the same color you plan on doing the actual stitch in...notice I used black here to tack down the fabric for the face, I should have used the peach color for best results!! (( I wasn't thinking :))

Step 7:  trim and stitch guideline for the heart 
You can definitely see a big difference when not using the heat N bond...LOOK HOW MESSY :( 

Step 8: trim heart and finish the stitching! 

    Ta Da you are finished !!!! He's cute and really didn't turn out to bad considering how bad he looked after being trimmed, his face has a little crinkle in it but other than that he's a cutie!! 

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