Friday, March 14, 2014

Flower trio Raggedy design tutorial

Supplies you will need: material, thread, machine, a way to transfer design to machine, scissors, stabilizer

I'm putting this design on a shirt so to find the center of the shirt I just fold it in half and iron at the seam to create a line down the center. Since this design isnt heavy and doesnt have much satin stitch I'm only using a medium weight tear away stabilizer.

I'm using 3 different materials for my flowers and cut a piece out for each flower so I have a total of 9 pieces and then a material for the leaves. I did not use heat and bond on the flower pieces but I did on the leaf pieces.

Stitch the first step, which is the guide line for the leaves.

Lay your material for the leaves. Then stitch the next step.

When you trim don't trim as close as you normally would leave a little bit of material. After you trim go around the edges with your fingernail (if your not sure heres a tutorial on that) to get that raggedy look. Then I use a sticky thingy to clean up the mess.

Now stitch the satin stitches (the stems) Then stitch the guideline for the flowers.

Then lay your first piece of material and after you stitch it do the same for it as you did the leaves.

Finish the other two flowers the same way.

Then finish stitching the next three steps (I mixed up my thread colors here).

There isn't a guideline stitch for this step (thats why I cut all material as large as the biggest circle for the flower. I double my material and put the larger piece in the back and then stitched the next step.

I did the same thing here as I did to the flowers & leaves but I trimmed the top layer first and did the edges then I trimmed the second layer and did the same.

Do the same for the other two flowers. 

Then stitch the last step I was debating leaving off the centers because its so cute just like this but I left them so that way you would have the option to have them ir not. :)

Click here for the link to this design.

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